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Mumbai Boss covers GourmetItUp

One casual afternoon at the GourmetItUp office consists of everyone staring into their laptop screens, focusing on fine dine, alcohol and food. Words like experience, budget, sushi, wine, dinner, reservation, concierge float around the office. However, on 13th August, our office heard the word Mumbai Boss. Our directors and founders, Kunal and Deepa Jain were interviewed by Mumbai Boss. A chatty afternoon lead to an interesting interview and a proud write up their website. Find out what they said – The Mumbai Foodie’s New Best Friends.


Alcohol Paired Experiences


Collection pages on give you an insight into a collection of our experiences based on your mood, the occasion you would like to go for or a type of experience. You can now view similar experiences at one go. These include experiences good for groups, a romantic date with your partner, experiences available for lunch and dinner and those that come with alcohol.

Alcohol Paired Experiences

The Alcohol Paired Experiences at GourmetItUp come with consciously picked and paired alcohol such as wine, sangria, beer or cocktails. Through these we plan to integrate the finest alcohol that suits the finest cuisine at your favourite fine dine restaurants. The idea behind pairings is that specific elements like the texture and flavour, in both food and wine react differently to each other and the key is finding the right combination of these elements to make the entire dining experience even more enjoyable. Make a reservation for one of our alcohol paired experiences right away!