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Miss Foodies Launches The Olive Bistro Experience

Since GourmetItUp has been planning a launch in Delhi for quite some time now, we initiated a Food Blogger Program in Delhi where we would send a handpicked few gourmands to taste test our spectacular experiences that are ready to launch in Delhi. We asked one of the most popular Food Blogs in Delhi, Miss Foodies to write about their Experience at Olive Bistro and here is what they had to say:


Let me share our very own experience with GourmetItUp at our very own favourite place Olive Bistro. Olive Bistro at Cyber hub ,Gurgaon was on our wish list for quite some time and so we were really happy to see it on GourmetItUp. When we recently came across GourmetItUp and got to know about them launching in Delhi ,we were pretty inquisitive to experience it ourselves and get you all the knowledge to help you improve your dining experiences :)

We began by registering ourselves at this super attractive web portal. It was pretty easy to register as it was quite self explanatory and user friendly.We clicked on register and after filling in the simplest of details like email,password and city we were all set to go.The booking is further confirmed by a prompt e mail and an sms.

This simple step gets you to the world of experiencing great food at the best of places along with their GourmetItUp menu- The menu which is designed keeping in mind variety for both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians. Holding best dishes of the lot. Also mocktails and cocktails depending on respective menu of respective restaurants. So to begin our experience we booked ourselves for a meal at Olive Bistro :)

When we reached there, our table was laid out ,waiting for us to sit and start.We took a few initial minutes admiring their much talked about ambience.The Place looks beautiful with white walkways, and has a Nice, summery feel to it with over stuffed arm chairs covered in floral upholstery. There are Some lovely eye catchy decorative pieces beautifully placed which add an elegant demeanour to the ambience . Also the outside sitting is done well surrounded with plants. To top it all, the place can boast of good music :)


Our Hungry palate now made us glance through the well set GourmetItUp menu which had the best listed options. Friends it was fun and easy as we enjoyed a break from scrolling through a long menu and deciding on what to have. GourmetItUp set menu was done with the best of the lot and in the form of a course meal making it easier to pick from it. In fact a few days back when we were out for dinner I was feeling lazy to even eye the menu which was a booklet in itself. More than that,it was difficult to make place for that on the table loaded with food. Here,I was happy in getting away with it easily with GourmetItUp  menu:) As soon as placing orders was done,in a few minutes we were served with appetizers. Then came the salad, mains and sweet :) Here’s how ….




Every thing was done nicely . From mild cheddar and jalapeno peppers , crumbed fried ricotta and thyme stuffed cremini mushroom to the all veggies on a thin crust pizza ,it all made up for a satiating meal. If you are amongst the Ravioli lovers then Olives roast almond and creamed spinach Ravioli is a must have :) Not to forget the perfect ending to the perfect meal with The OB creme caramel..

The attentive staff was taking good care ,served well ,one meal after the other with an apt break between the meals. It seemed like a prim and proper four course meal where in we enjoyed our much loved gossip session over good food :) They also made sure to check on us and find out if all was well flavoured to make our palates happy :)

Foodie friends along with Olive Bistro, GourmetItUp  has many more fab dining experiences like Teppanyaki experience at Shiro, contemporary asian experience at Diva Kitsch, , Yauatcha, Olive Qutub. Not just these, there are many more added to their coming soon list which includes famous names like French experience at Rara avis,Uzuri, mainland China, elegant Lodi, Sbars 3, California Pizza kitchen which will make the list perfect and your dining experience unforgettable.

GourmetItUp.com also  offers a wide range of exclusive food and dining related experiences that are ideal for corporate outings and client entertainment.

Their  experiences range from pre-fixed set menus at specially negotiated rates that are ideal for client entertainment to master classes with celebrity chefs in which the whole team can participate. Their website holds  links to some of great experiences that would be ideal for corporate use.Not just all this,after experiencing good food and best food places GOURMET IT UP, members can also earn Gourmet Points for each reservation made on their website! This is their way of saying thank you for making GourmetItUp your fine dining concierge. On our first booking we made some 4500 points that we can redeem for exciting eateries or keep adding on for more dining experience. Yay yay :)

Delhi’s dining community has something exciting to look forward to with GourmetItUp.com’s exclusive and exciting options, guaranteed to turn any meal into an unforgettable experience.

Foodie friends while we book on to another dining experience at GourmetItUp, you too can check it out and get on to booking some best food places for some fun and good food by just clicking on this link. http://gourmetitup.com/delhi/?a=gothrough&ref=mf

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Make a reservation now : http://gourmetitup.com/delhi/experiences/the-olive-bistro-experience/?ref=mf


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