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Delhi Talks Gourmet

The Indian capital is supremely enthusiastic about its culinary scene, whether it’s a fancy fine dining experience or a stake-out with friends at Hauz Khas village. Delhi has been extremely welcoming towards GourmetItUp’s dining experiences.

Now that Guppy Pop Up at Olive (via Guppy by Ai) is just waiting to join the race in Mumbai, it’s only fair for the city’s connoisseurs to know what they’re in for. Guppy by Ai has enamoured Delhi with its rich Asian cuisine and charming ambience.  Let’s see what some of our members had to say about their experiences:

The 5 course Dinner Experience at Guppy by Ai by Jaya Bajaj

“The reservation process was smooth as the table was reserved for us by GourmetItUp. The restaurant was very accommodating. Two of us went for the five course meal and one person in the group ordered a la carte. The curated menu, both vegetarian and non vegetarian, were very good. Both the soups, mushroom and Miso were full of flavor, the sushi was fresh and delicious. The main courses with artichokes and tofu as well as the the jumbo prawns were perfectly done. All in all, it was quite the perfect evening!”

As long as we’re on Asian food, The Yum Yum Tree – GourmetItUp experience has been quite the winner as well. The Yum Yum Tree has had raving reviews about its unique conveyor belt sushi concept. Of course, that would be of no value if the options on that conveyor belt weren’t worthy of applause as well. GourmetItUp put together the best of their menu and curated an all round experience. Member Tanya Dhall shares a review of her experience with us:

The Yum Yum Tree Experience by Tanya Dhall

We went to Yum Yum Tree to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was a weekday so we were the only ones present and hence got all the attention. The ambiance was nice and we were well taken care of. We ordered the Tom Yum Yum Soup which was very delicious. Then we tried the Dynamite and the Krunch Tiger Sushi, my husband is a Sushi lover and he insisted that I try it as well, must say I am not a great fan of Sushi, but this was something else! Absolutely mind blowing! Loved it and will definitely be going back just for this! Then we tried the Chicken Sui Mai Dimsums and the BBQ Pork Puffs, both were again very delicious. For starters we had the Stir Fried Lantern Chilli Prawns, again delicious and the Shredded Chicken with Honey and Sesame, not quite for us but nonetheless it was quite crunchy and tasty. By this time we were quite full, all the serving sizes are very good and leave hardly any room for main course but we marched on! We had the Sliced Chicken Krapao with Basil and Chillies with Snow Peas and Garlic Fried Rice and the Stir fried Prawns with Superior Garlic and Pan Fried Noodles, all of these were at best average, nothing spectacular in terms of presentation or taste, just like any other chinese/japenese restaurant. For dessert we had the Chocolate Mud Pudding and Baileys Crème Brulee, again very average. Overall it was a great meal, definitely value for money and the Sushi was definitely the best part of the meal.

If you think the Asian culinary scene is getting a lot of attention, wait till you experience the African theme at Uzuri. With their irresistible spread and warm, welcoming ambience, this restaurant is prepared to satisfy its guests completely. The Four Course Experience at Uzuri, curated by GourmetItUp received a lot of positive feedback.  Member Upasana Verma rates the experience with a 4 on 5 and shares her feedback:


Uzuri- The 4 course experience by Upasna Verma

The food at Uzuri was great and the service was spot on! I enjoyed interacting with the management as well as the chef. The cocktails were the best part. Thank you for a lovely evening!


GourmetItUp now presents an all new Flying buffet experience at Uzuri. So put it on your bucket list because this one, you don’t want to miss.

As for Delhi developing a taste for our Gourmet experiences, we couldn’t be more excited!