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Q & A with Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur

Q. What is an ideal dish that one can prepare in a Le Creuset cookware?

Le Creuset has a versatile product range that includes cookware for stewing, frying, grilling, brazing, sautéing and baking. Also, curries are something that one can easily prepare with their cookware.

Q. Why would you recommend GourmetItUp members to use Le Creuset cookware?
I believe that gourmet cooking requires very professional equipment and that’s why I would recommend GourmetItUp members to use Le Creuset cookware.

Q. What has been your greatest inspiration behind cooking?
As a child, seeing my grandfather and father cook during the weekends made me more inclined towards cooking. I love what I do and whatever I have done so far, I owe it to them.

Q. What are some of your favourite ingredients and why?
Chocolate is one of my most favourite ingredients as I am addicted to it! Another ingredient has to be garlic. Growing up in a Punjabi family, I have tasted garlic almost every day of my life. That is one of the reasons I love using it in my food. And finally, lemon, orange and vanilla are three of the most refreshing flavours one could have tasted. I like to cook with them too.

Q. What do you think sets Delhi’s food enthusiasts and restaurant-goers apart from their counterparts in Mumbai?
Mumbai is a very versatile city, a melting pot of cultures so to say. You will get everything in regional cuisines from South Indian and Maharashtrian to Gujarati and Punjabi here. There are various Irani cafés in the city as well that have their own charm, and have so much to offer. I feel people in Mumbai look for value for money and the city has restaurants that cater to every pocket.

Delhi on the other hand is known to be the food capital. People love to eat out and enjoy a leisurely meal. Primarily North Indian, Chinese and fusion Indian cuisines are preferred here. However, I feel both cities have very different offerings influenced by their respective cultures. I sorely miss Mumbai’s vada pav and seafood!

Q. When eating out, what kind of cuisine do you order the most?
Whenever I eat out I mostly order Indian or Asian food.

Q. Finally, who cooks at home?
Well, either my wife or my mom cooks at home. Even I can’t compete with that. ;-)

GourmetItUp Recommends: Eat from Seven Countries in One Meal at Asia 7


What sets Asia 7 apart from other South East Asian restaurants in Gurgaon is its vast menu packed with cuisines from seven countries. You can summon the best of China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia and Thailand at this restaurant in Ambience Mall. The versatility comes from the assortment of Chinese dumplings, Japanese maki rolls and a variety of refreshing soups to classic preparations like Singapore Chilli Crabs, Burmese Khowsuey and the Korean Bulgogi.

The aromatic concoctions of spices and cooking techniques have earned Asia 7 quite a reputation in recent times. And we at GourmetItUp couldn’t agree more. That’s how we ended up curating an exotic 7 Course Experience comprising some of your favourite foods from the Far East. Yes, we have included Dim Sums, Sushi, Thai curries and more to please your taste-buds!

Let’s find out what our curator has to recommend from the 7 Course Experience at Asia 7.


Curator’s Picks
GourmetItUp recommends you to start your meal with the all-time favourite Tom Yum Soup, a slow simmered refreshing stock seasoned with fresh kaffir lime, galangal and coriander. Sushi lovers must follow this up with the Spicy Salmon and Avocado Sushi. For the mains, dig into the earthy flavours of the Thai style Three Mushrooms and Asparagus. End your date with Asian flavours on a sweet note with the classic Crispy Fried Chinese Date Roll.