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Your Guide to Drinking Soju the Right Way

Beer Toast
The first time we heard about Soju, we passed it off as a cute-sounding drink! It was only after we introduced it at GourmetItUp’s first-ever Sushi Hop in Mumbai recently that we realised what the buzz was all about.

Soju’s popularity in Korea is unparalleled. A rice-based liquor that is imported from Hite Jinro is said to be the world’s largest selling spirit. Packaged in unique green bottles, Jinro makes use of quality ingredients and natural resources to produce Soju.

If you love eating out, then let us tell you that Soju is available at only select restaurants in your city. That said, the rice-based liquor is mainly served at Japanese and Korean restaurants, and is surprisingly gaining popularity in recent times.

Looking to pair Jinro Soju the next time you are on a sushi hunt? Here is your guide to drinking Soju and a few facts about the best-selling Korean drink.

- Always enjoy your Soju chilled and neat! You can also have it with a dash of lime topped with soda or water.

- If you are not too fond of having your drinks neat, then enjoy your Soju in the form of popular cocktails like Bloody Mary, Mojito, Apple Martini or Cosmopolitan to name a few.

- There are three popular ways of consuming Jinro. Some of them are Soju Bomb (Soju +beer), Soju shots (chilled shots), Jinro-Hito (Soju + Mojito syrup + Soda + Lime + Mint).

- You can pair Soju primarily with Pan Asian cuisine especially with Korean barbecued dishes and Japanese sushi.

- And if you are holidaying in Korea and happen to drink Soju, then there is some etiquette to follow. The locals say never pour your own, and don’t refill your glass until it is empty!

Gun bae!

Dining ‘Out’: Our Favourite Alfresco Restaurants

baan tao

November brings with it a dip in the temperature and a smile on our faces! The sun eases off and there is a welcoming freshness in the air. One of the best ways to enjoy this beautiful climate, is by sipping a delicious cocktail paired with some gorgeous fresh food. Be it at a luxurious rooftop or a quaint outdoor café, it’s time to dine alfresco!

Check out some of the best alfresco restaurants to eat at across Mumbai, Delhi and Pune.


1. Café Infinito

Bask in the transcendence that lights up the exteriors of Café Infinito while enjoying one of their live bands and Italian fare on a breezy winter evening.

2. Salt Water Café

A casual rooftop seating area that’s perfect for the lazy weekend lunch! Enjoy their contemporary take on classic European cafes with our 3 course experience paired with 3 Sangrias.

3. Woodside All Day Bar and Eatery

Woodside offers its patrons a perfect set-up for a fun night with friends and delicious wholesome burgers. Enjoy their dimly-lit outdoor section with a nip in the air and convivial atmosphere to bring in the weekend after a really long work week.

4. Neel Mahalaxmi

At Neel Mahalaxmi, the outdoor seating during winters makes for the perfect ambience to match what’s on offer – great kebabs and flavourful shorbas!

5. Guppy Pop Up at Olive

guppy olive

Guppy by ai popped in at the Olive at Racecourse with a delicious Japanese menu for the season. Walk in to a manga themed wonderland with colourful upholstery and a normcore seating area to enjoy GourmetItUp’s exclusive experience with light and healthy soups, hand-rolled sushi, wok-tossed mains and a selection of desserts.


1. Olive Qutub

Enjoy a late noon lunch under the banyan tree amidst this beautiful Mughal mansion. In the evening, sit back and enjoy their dinner menu with an All New 4 Course Experience at the beautifully lit-up Olive Qutub.

2. Naya Beer Garden

Let the beautiful artisan outdoor section decorated with wooden furniture and fresh flowers transport you to a must-be-at Instagram frame! Step in to this natural filter and enjoy their lavish Indian spread.

3. Lodi


Lodi – The Garden Restaurant gives you an opportunity to experience a lunch at a park, except you can enjoy a gourmet meal instead of lunchables from a picnic basket while still basking in all the glory of the Lodhi Gardens.

4. Cherie One Qutub

Enjoy an exquisite 4 course experience on the terrace of Cherie One Qutub while overlooking the grand Qutub Minar. Indulge yourself at this exquisite Parisian eatery with their fresh produce and flavourful offerings.

5. Ploof

Allow the intimate garden terrace to whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of the capital while you enjoy the finest recipes from Tuscany, the French Riviera, the sunny Mediterranean and coastal India.


1. Prem’s

Looking for some good breakfast on a lazy winter morning? A favourite among the Ashramites, Prem’s with its peaceful and relaxed alfresco dining area
is a must try!

2. Olive Bistro


Olive Bistro is your best bet when craving Mediterranean food on a beautiful winter day. The outdoor seating offers an experience replete with cane furniture and pretty blue lamp shades.

3. Trikaya

The open-air lounge at Trikaya offers a spectacular dining experience under a star-lit sky. Makes for perfect date nights we say!

4. Baan Tao

A charming outdoor terrace, water bodies, a waterfall and huge dragon fruit-like sculptures are some of the highlights of Baan Tao’s alfresco section.

5. Euriska

Contemporary and refined, Euriska has a fine combination of blue and white decor, gentle purple lighting offering a vibrant setting for fine dining.