A day to remember

gourmet day for FB cover photo

Gourmet Day was a resounding success.

April 17th was a day that will go down in fine dining history.

It was the day we kick-started the fine dining revolution.

In celebration of our new name and our new mission – to change the face of fine dining – we created a very special day for all you food lovers; a day on which we gave away a 100 complimentary WowTables at restaurants across the country – all on the same day, at the same time.

Participants had to pick their restaurant of choice, share their choice across social media – and were instantly in the running for a seat at the biggest event in fine dining history.

We were excited…


Screenshot 1Screenshot 3

… and so were you!

Screenshot 2 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 7 Screenshot 11 Really excited.

Screenshot 9Really, really excited.

Screenshot 12We feel you, buddy.

April 17th dawned, bright and quivering with anticipation.

Screenshot 4

We were counting down to the crucial hour…

Screenshot 5…but we were unprepared for the explosion of sheer culinary enthusiasm that followed.

It was glorious.

Here are a few snippets (just the tip of the iceberg!) from the night:

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 7 Screenshot 10 Screenshot 11 Screenshot 12 Screenshot 13 Screenshot 14

This was just the beginning. We are here to break new ground, set new benchmarks and achieve bigger milestones in this #finediningrevolution that we have begun.

Are you going to be with us on this journey?

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