Can you feel The Buzz?

In the blurred fast lane of life, it’s tough to find that breathing space. That rare moment between worlds, where time stands still. Day in and day out, we’re bound to our desks, tirelessly fulfilling our responsibilities. In this never-ending routine of work, stress and the struggle to move ahead, we all need a moment of sweet release.

No matter how dedicated and professional you are during the day, there comes a time at the end of the day when you just need to cut loose. It’s that time of the day when you truly let your guard down and can finally be yourself – someone who can sit back, have a drink, laugh, love… and live.

That moment of self-awareness, that perfect end to your day – that’s what we’re bringing to you with The Buzz.


A new breed of all-week-long drinks-based experiences at some of the most vibrant pubs, bars, clubs and lounges in the city,The Buzz is here to help you get your buzz on when you most need it. It’s here to tell you where you can go to let off some steam once you’re freed from the day’s responsibilities. Serving up premium wine, chilled beer, unlimited cocktails and more, we’ve got you covered for every occasion – be it grabbing a few drinks after work or kick-starting a night of debauchery.

Check out these happiest of experiences, right here.

Your night starts now.

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