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‘Uber’-ize Your Dining Experiences With GourmetItUp

Last week, Uber, the most popular luxury car hire service in the world featured us on their city blog. We’ve partnered with them for almost two months now and are still growing strong. Mumbaikars have taken to booking these slick uber cars every time they book an Alcohol-paired experience through us.  We launched our Uber partnership in Pune too for all our experiences. As our Fun Friday activity of the week, the core team behind GourmetItUp booked two Uber cars last Friday to dig into boxes full of Munchkins and sip on lattes at Dunkin’ Donuts in Bandra.

uber Munchkins-from-Dunkin'-Donuts

Here’s an excerpt from their blog post:

Uber has partnered with Gourmet It Up to add a dash of style and convenience your dining experiences in Mumbai and Pune. provides access to exclusive fine dining experiences at the best restaurants in Mumbai and Pune. These experiences range from 6-10 course degustations to alcohol paired set meals.”

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Mumbai Bytes Has A GourmetItUp Week

Last week, Mumbai Bytes, the blogger famous for sniffing out some of Bandra’s hidden culinary jewels and showcasing them on her blog, embarked on a culinary food adventure via GourmetItUp. She chose three of Bandra’s most popular experiences and reviewed each of their tasting menus. Read on to find out what the hits and misses of these experiences were:


“I am unapologetically greedy when it comes to food. I read menus for hours before ordering and usually spend 4 hours at a buffet. The funny part though is that I have the appetite of a bird (or so I am told). Thus, over time, I have realised that the best way for me to experience any restaurant is to choose the tasting menu, a concept unfortunately not too popular with restaurants in India.

Imagine my delight when a month into moving to Mumbai, I chanced upon GourmetItUp. With carefully curated menus, best suited for people who like a wholesome dining experience and not just ordering one dish in a restaurant, it literally is the answer to my prayers. Not one to waste any time, I decided to dive in headlong and went for 3 back to back experiences within the week.

A fan of Japanese food and not a stickler for anything ‘authentic’, I decided to try out the much acclaimed Aoi in Bandra Reclamation. Finding the restaurant was a breeze using GPS and the presence of valet service godsent. The absence of GPS may make it tough for one to find the restaurant as the industrial grey exteriors do not display the brand well enough. The decor, like the food, is more nouveau Jap than traditional and the funky silver birds on the ceiling, a lovely touch. The 8 Course Tasting Experience (menu here) started off with an extremely refreshing Ginger and Apple Lemonade, a welcome respite from the scorching heat outside. The Seafood Bisque was flavorful and hearty, with just the right amount of ‘kick’ to keep it from becoming one dimensional. The Korean style lettuce wrap failed to impress but it’s accompanying Miso and Ginger Flavored Ginger Taco was outstanding. Who would have thought that I could appreciate a perfectly made Mexican dish in a Japanese restaurant, but you don’t hear me complaining.

photo 1 (1)The Salmon Carpaccio with creamy wasabi married the flavors of teriyaki, wasabi and the salty fish perfectly together. Yes, the portion size of this as well as the previous 2 courses was not generous but in an 8 course menu, that is to be expected. Unfortunately, course 5 was the big let down. I love sushi and have been spoilt by Yum Yum Tree’s incredible chefs. The Aoi chefs couldn’t even come close to serving what is good Sushi. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything to write home about either. The Pomfret stir fry with rice was delicious and the fish thankfully not deep fried like in most places. The udon noodles and dessert passed muster. All in all, a very satisfying lunch for an outlay of Rs.990. I would do this again without a second thought, though not with a purist food connoisseur.
Rating: 3.5 on 5


After giving myself a day’s rest to recuperate from all that food,  I decided to visit Le Pain Quotidien (BKC) for their limited edition 6 Course Tasting Menu. I must confess at the onset that I was skeptical at the thought of a restaurant in the middle of an office complex. So I intentionally chose dinner instead of lunch and it was a decision that paid off well. By the time I reached there, gave my car to the valet and walked to the restaurant, Maker Maxity had transformed from corporate hub into a chic pseudo-European promenade. The restaurant is pleasantly spacious and the tables next to the tall glass walls have lovely views of the fountains outside.

photoThe gourmet experience came with unlimited wine. I am not a wine person but the server well understood my preference against dry wines and served me a fruity chilled white one that set the perfect tone for the evening. Let me confess, I have little regard for snooty restaurants that do not allow children. Where is a parent supposed to leave theirs? LPQ not only welcomed my 3 year old but offered her a delicious smoothie and a cupcake on the house as well.

photo 3The Chicken Club Tartine was just a tad dry as expected but generously topped. I would have loved  a little more bacon in mine. The Salad took the risk of working with Blue Cheese and it paid off well. I’m not a blue cheese fan but the flavors intermingled well. But it really was the Ravioli that I will return to LPQ for. In 3 words – To Die For. The pasta freshly rolled out, the porcini mushroom sauce delicious and the filling ample. The chef has a fan for life. The Mango Sorbet is more of a palate cleanser and for mains, I chose a delectable Tenderloin Steak. The meat done medium well and served with mushrooms, spinach and asparagus, it scored on every parameter.  Of the dessert trio, my favourite was the Fudgy Chocolate Brownie which I paired with the slivers of mango served with it. My daughter loved the Mocha slice though the Pecan Tart left much to be desired. A lovely evening with attentive service, delicious food and the perfect ambience. LPQ scored in my books, not particularly for the food (there are hits and misses), but for the ‘feel’ of the place on a quiet weekday night and for the warmth of it’s staff.
Rating: 4 on 5


Two good experiences tend to build confidence and I booked myself for a third the next day – the 6 Course Lunch at Singkong. I confess, my choice of restaurant this time was dictated by proximity more than excellence but I did crave some Indo-Chinese food. Practically empty at lunch time, even on a Friday, the restaurant is situated right above Sanchos. Unlike my insipid experience at Sanchos, the tasting menu here at Rs.1100 made sure that I got value for my money. The server brought an array of condiments as soon as we were seated but he shouldn’t have bothered as the Kimchi set my mouth on fire (without a hint of the flavors it should have delivered).

photo 2 (1)The Dim Sum Basket had 3 pieces, one each of shrimp, fish and chicken. The dim sums were fresh and the skin did not fall apart like it often does. The aromatic spicy chicken was lovely but I especially enjoyed the freshness of the juicy shrimp. For the next course, I chose the Oriental Shrimp Nest. 2 jumbo prawns were wrapped in crispy udon noodles and dipped in a sweet chilli sauce. The concept was very fancy but I could barely taste the prawn itself. The Hunan Wanton Soup was the exact opposite. A simple concept, executed to perfection. Perhaps my favorite course in the menu, the broth was aromatic and flavorful. For mains, I had the lamb curry with hakka noodles. The curry itself was well balanced but the large chunks of lamb left me bemused. Mocha Fudge, a flourless fudgy cake was the sweet ending of a meal well enjoyed.
Rating: 2.75 on 5 “

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Ms Coco Queen Launches S-Bar’s Lunch Experience

GourmetItUp’s Lunch Experience at S Bar was inaugurated by our Guest Blogger, the extremely popular Ms. Coco Queen. Here is her visually stunning blogpost :

Lets give a warm welcome to ‘GourmetItUp’. After 150 special curated menus for 75 restaurants across Mumbai and Pune and many happy stomachs – GourmetItUp launches in Delhi! Yohooo!

So what does GourmetItUp do? GourmetItUp aint just a website where you can pre book a table but its an initiative to create an experience to be remembered for many meals to come. A pre curated, pocket friendly, fine dining experience for foodies who are afraid of either the price point or don’t know which dish to order. The well curated menu is balanced with both popular and more experimental dishes by Deepa Jain.

Shiro, Diva Kitch, Rara Avis, Guppy by Ai, Olive Bistro are already partners with GourmetItUp. The special curated menu is available at all above mentioned restaurants, only when you pre-book a table at GourmetItUp!

I went to S Bar {formally know as Shalom} in GK1, another GourmetItUp partner to have a taste of their 3 Course Lunch Experience.


S-Bar serves Mediterranean food hence the GourmetItUp menu was mediterranean based. The term mediterranean is quite self explanatory, its a cuisine based on foods that have traditionally been consumed by communities situated along the Mediterranean sea. So food from Italy, Greece, Turkey, or an exotic island in the Mediterranean together make the Mediterranean cuisine.

The robust flavours of Mediterranean cuisine are very popular in India and thanks to the initiative taken up by GourmetItUp you don’t have to fly all the way  to experience great quality authentic flavours . Its available at a click of a button.

First come in our choice of appetisers: Fattoush (V), Goat Meat Cheese Tarts (NV) & Cheese Sambosik (V). The appetisers were quite appetising! They certainly were scrumptious yet filled my stomach to be left with a bigger appetite.

The Fattoush is a vegetarian salad from the part of the land that gave us Hummus and Shawarma. Greens and vegetables when mixed with dried, crunchy pita gives us Fattoush. The one served at S-Bar had lemony light dressing, crunchy greens and crispy seasoned pita on top aka a perfect salad to begin with.

DSC_1023cc-copySoon came in the Goat Meat Cheese Tart. Baked to perfection, the pastry was thin and brittle. Cheddar cheese oozing out and goat meat cooked to excellence.

DSC_1026And like one thing leads to another- one cheese lead to another! Before we placed the main course we ordered another appetiser the Cheese Sambosik with paprika ‘sweet’ dip. The first bite was quite salty but with the dip balanced it out well.


The lusty Mediterranean flavours lingered as we waited for our main course- Grilled Fish With Lemon Mustard Sauce, Tangy Lamb Herb Koresh with Cous Cous and Mushroom Ragout.

The grilled fish as accompanied by mashed potato, a half baguette and veggies. The fish was grilled beautifully and the sides especially the potato mash tasted great. Not many get the mash right but they do! The butter oozing out of the home made parsley bread was a site I still salivate on.

700x465xDSC_1057-copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.VB28nbhe1j700x1053xDSC_1054-copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.O4wESbnkulComing to the lamb, it certainly fell a little short on the menu. The curry was good but the meat was undercooked to my preference. Apart from the paring with cous cous there was nothing gourmet about it.

700x513xDSC_1068-copys.jpg.pagespeed.ic.KbF5VoOcIR700x534xDSC_1070-copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.4dhW5vldGdWith forgettable lows comes salvaging ups. For peeps out there who don’t relish mushrooms should try this out. The mushroom ragout {ra-gu} rested like comfort food on my taste buds {i know mushroom and comfort are two words hard to find in a same sentence} but really the soothing white sauce with fresh mushrooms and chopped veggies tasted divine.

700x465xDSC_1076-copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.5ahcr28t8JWith happy bellies we anticipated the desserts. They certainly came as another high point in the entire GourmetItUp experience! Man I still droll over those rich textured, flavourful gigantic scoops of  cinnamon and espresso ice-creams.

700x1058xDSC_1084-copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.PqxlACtPUC 700x1093xDSC_1090-copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.NKnSFRBwEiThe Baklava paired with a scoop of vanilla and sugar crispy tasted great too. It was so fresh and light that I could clearly see the fine layers. I couldn’t believe that all these desserts were prepared at S-Bar itself.

700x465xDSC_1094-copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.2T36hYcMYzThe price point was much lower in comparison to similar set of dishes present in the A la carte, almost like 30%.  And prompt service. All in all the experience was great! I believe the concierges at GourmetItup certainly ensure great quality check and high service levels promised by partner restaurant. A friendly concierge desk that accepts special requests and points in the Gourmet Rewards program! What more can one ask for!!

Hunger bingies click away and book your S-bar lunch experience right away. {Click here to book}

Hope you enjoy this experience as much as I did.

Until next time,

Delhi’s Maia Sethna Launches The Guppy By Ai Experience

GourmetItUp’s Guppy By Ai Experience was inaugurated by our Guest Blogger, the extremely stylish Maia Sethna. Here is her fantastic review:

I had the opportunity to visit Guppy By Ai – another one of AD Singh’s creation’s – for the pre-launching of the GourmetItUp  dining experience in Delhi. My readers (you lucky things) get a special preview of the upcoming experience.


Guppy by AI : My Review

The shabby chic, stand alone, diner lies in close proximity to the up and coming, Meherchand Market. Guppy by Ai is located in Lodhi colony. The unpretentious, easy going Japanese restaurant offers some of the best in the world of contemporary Japanese with favourites like California roles, Miso Cod and Udon noodles in a fuss free environment.

photo2-3The décor is super quirky, with its funky interiors and Japanese animae designs and the food is…..divine!

We started our five course – GourmetItUp, dining experience at Guppy by Ai with Miso soup, served in a traditional ceramic bowl. Now here’s the thing, I LOVE soup , there’s something so comforting about it  and honestly feel likes it’s hard to find a good, authentic Miso soup in Delhi – and I’m happy to report that Guppy’s rendition with fresh tofu, hit the spot!

photo5-2photo6-2Our second course consisted of three dishes from the appetizers section; Asparagus cream cheese roll, Chicken Karaage and California Roll. The Asparagus cream cheese roll was definitely my favourite, as it’s not something that I usually like – but the asparagus was crunchy and the cream cheese complimented it perfectly.

photo4-2We enjoyed the colourful, California Roll and the bite size Chicken Karaage too. FYI – The wasabi had just the right amount of kick, without making your nose and eyes water!

photo8 Next it was time for the main dishes. We were served a delicious veggie dish – Wok Tossed exotic vegetables, which included water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, beans and asparagus glazed with sesame soy, Grilled chicken breast and Tenderloin cube steak – which everyone agreed was their favourite dish of the day!

photo2-2 photo9

The tenderloin was cooked to perfection, and served with a spicy Japanese sesame sauce. Garlic fried rice, steamed rice and Udon noodles were served as accompaniments with the main course. And finally the chef’s selection of dessert was presented; an assortment of petit Japanese dessert, a few colourful, bite sized delights to sweeten your pallet after a favoursome meal.

The overall experience was lovely. The food is fabulous – the ingredients are fresh and the staff is a friendly bunch as well, I think it makes the perfect lunch time spot and a good place to come have a bite a midst a day of shopping or on a dinner date.

For the GourmetItUp experience in Delhi – Click Here

To make a reservation at Guppy:  Click Here

Miss Foodies Launches The Olive Bistro Experience

Since GourmetItUp has been planning a launch in Delhi for quite some time now, we initiated a Food Blogger Program in Delhi where we would send a handpicked few gourmands to taste test our spectacular experiences that are ready to launch in Delhi. We asked one of the most popular Food Blogs in Delhi, Miss Foodies to write about their Experience at Olive Bistro and here is what they had to say:


Let me share our very own experience with GourmetItUp at our very own favourite place Olive Bistro. Olive Bistro at Cyber hub ,Gurgaon was on our wish list for quite some time and so we were really happy to see it on GourmetItUp. When we recently came across GourmetItUp and got to know about them launching in Delhi ,we were pretty inquisitive to experience it ourselves and get you all the knowledge to help you improve your dining experiences :)

We began by registering ourselves at this super attractive web portal. It was pretty easy to register as it was quite self explanatory and user friendly.We clicked on register and after filling in the simplest of details like email,password and city we were all set to go.The booking is further confirmed by a prompt e mail and an sms.

This simple step gets you to the world of experiencing great food at the best of places along with their GourmetItUp menu- The menu which is designed keeping in mind variety for both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians. Holding best dishes of the lot. Also mocktails and cocktails depending on respective menu of respective restaurants. So to begin our experience we booked ourselves for a meal at Olive Bistro :)

When we reached there, our table was laid out ,waiting for us to sit and start.We took a few initial minutes admiring their much talked about ambience.The Place looks beautiful with white walkways, and has a Nice, summery feel to it with over stuffed arm chairs covered in floral upholstery. There are Some lovely eye catchy decorative pieces beautifully placed which add an elegant demeanour to the ambience . Also the outside sitting is done well surrounded with plants. To top it all, the place can boast of good music :)


Our Hungry palate now made us glance through the well set GourmetItUp menu which had the best listed options. Friends it was fun and easy as we enjoyed a break from scrolling through a long menu and deciding on what to have. GourmetItUp set menu was done with the best of the lot and in the form of a course meal making it easier to pick from it. In fact a few days back when we were out for dinner I was feeling lazy to even eye the menu which was a booklet in itself. More than that,it was difficult to make place for that on the table loaded with food. Here,I was happy in getting away with it easily with GourmetItUp  menu:) As soon as placing orders was done,in a few minutes we were served with appetizers. Then came the salad, mains and sweet :) Here’s how ….




Every thing was done nicely . From mild cheddar and jalapeno peppers , crumbed fried ricotta and thyme stuffed cremini mushroom to the all veggies on a thin crust pizza ,it all made up for a satiating meal. If you are amongst the Ravioli lovers then Olives roast almond and creamed spinach Ravioli is a must have :) Not to forget the perfect ending to the perfect meal with The OB creme caramel..

The attentive staff was taking good care ,served well ,one meal after the other with an apt break between the meals. It seemed like a prim and proper four course meal where in we enjoyed our much loved gossip session over good food :) They also made sure to check on us and find out if all was well flavoured to make our palates happy :)

Foodie friends along with Olive Bistro, GourmetItUp  has many more fab dining experiences like Teppanyaki experience at Shiro, contemporary asian experience at Diva Kitsch, , Yauatcha, Olive Qutub. Not just these, there are many more added to their coming soon list which includes famous names like French experience at Rara avis,Uzuri, mainland China, elegant Lodi, Sbars 3, California Pizza kitchen which will make the list perfect and your dining experience unforgettable. also  offers a wide range of exclusive food and dining related experiences that are ideal for corporate outings and client entertainment.

Their  experiences range from pre-fixed set menus at specially negotiated rates that are ideal for client entertainment to master classes with celebrity chefs in which the whole team can participate. Their website holds  links to some of great experiences that would be ideal for corporate use.Not just all this,after experiencing good food and best food places GOURMET IT UP, members can also earn Gourmet Points for each reservation made on their website! This is their way of saying thank you for making GourmetItUp your fine dining concierge. On our first booking we made some 4500 points that we can redeem for exciting eateries or keep adding on for more dining experience. Yay yay :)

Delhi’s dining community has something exciting to look forward to with’s exclusive and exciting options, guaranteed to turn any meal into an unforgettable experience.

Foodie friends while we book on to another dining experience at GourmetItUp, you too can check it out and get on to booking some best food places for some fun and good food by just clicking on this link.

Click Here To Read The Entire Post and Other Posts By MissFoodies 

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