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Chef Speak: 8 Questions With Masterchef Mike Li Wei

Greater Kailash’s prized Sichuan restaurant Hao Shi Nian Niann (stands for Here’s To A Good Life) with it’s all black interiors is one of the most elegant Chinese eateries in the vicinity and the man responsible for bringing to Delhi the authentic tastes of far east Asia is Chef Mike Li Wei. GourmetItUp had the privilege of talking to the great master chef himself and the tete a tete that ensued has been reproduced for our readers:


Chef Mike Li Wei of Hao Shi Nian Niann is excitable when we discuss Sichuan cuisine. He attaches a sensibility to his food and is a paragon of his kind. Hao Shi Nian Niann offers stellar dishes with effortless ease and it’s all because of him. The chef de cuisine isn’t the least bit nervous as he prepares to answer all my inquisitive questions.

What was the first dish you ever perfected as a chef?

“It wasn’t so much a dish. It was a special sauce. It’s extremely versatile and can be paired with any meat of your choice, chicken, fish, you name it. You actually have to taste it to know what i’m talking about.”

How much/How drastically do you have to change authentic Sichuan cuisine to meet the Indian palate?

“I think authentic Sichuan cuisine is still very oily and very spicy for the Indian palate so i tone down some of my dishes. The traditional favourites are still left untouched of course”

How was Hao Shi Nian Niann born?

“I was back home in Sichuan when i got a call from Jagjit and Kartar Singh telling me ‘Chef, we want to open a restaurant for you so you have to come back’. That was how Hao Shi Nian Niann was born.”

What was your most memorable dinner at Hao Shi Nian Niann?

“It was my birthday and my team got me a cake with my face on it (he laughs) It was extremely special.”

What do you cook for yourself when you’re at home?

“When at home,  we cook a traditional spicy Sichuan pork dish that’s native to the province and is cooked by all families”

What is your favourite Indian dish?

“Oh, I have so many. There’s Black Dal, Tandoori Chicken with Butter Nan, Rogan Ghosh.”

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

“Hopefully taking Hao Shi Nian Nian to more cities and expanding but that really depends on the boss”

Can you share a star recipe with our readers?

“Here’s the recipe for my famous Double Cooked Pork:

PORK BELLY                           1000 gm
SPRING ONION                        100 gm
SALT                                             10 gm
GINGER GARLIC                         40 gm
COOKING WINE                           20 ml
CHICKEN POWDER                     20 gm
CAPSICUM                                   60  gm
RED PEPPER                               60  gm
WHITE PEPPER                              4  gm
SESAME OIL                                   20 ml
VEGETABLE OIL                          200 gm
CORNFLOWER                              50 gm
ONION                                         100 gm
PI XIAN CHILLY PASTE                  50 gm
HISION SAUCE                               50 gm
BABY LEEKS                                  100 gm                                                        CABBAGE                                      100 gm


1) Blanch the Pork Belly till cooked.
2) Cut the pork belly into slices.
3) Cut all the vegetable into slices.
4) Heat oil in wok then add sliced pork belly and add hoisin sauce stir fryand put pixan chilly paste.
5) Add all the other vegetables and cook together till cooked.
6) Then add the seasonings.
7) And add the black beans at the end and then serve.”

Click Here To View Our GourmetItUp Experience at Hao Shi Nian Niann

GourmetItUp’s Delhi Launch Event

Messages Image(829588168)

After its successful launch in Hauz Khas’ Mia Bella, the pristine culinary web portal GourmetItUp promises a line-up of fantastic restaurant partnerships in the months to come. Co-founder, Deepa Jain, present at the event, introduced the brand and spoke at length about the curation process for these personalized culinary experiences. “GourmetItUp is a resource that enables the locals to gain access to new culinary experiences around the city at affordable prices” said Deepa Jain. The Four Course spread that followed was paired with premium wines from Sula. With a little help from the sommelier at the event, Ms. Neelam demonstrated how Braai’ cuisine too could be paired with a tasteful selection of wines. Celebrated illusionist, Mister Shankar Bakshi was also present and put up quite a show as the patrons and media feasted on Mia Bella’s special Nazzas (Pizzas with a nan base). Several prominent food bloggers from FBAI also graced the event. GourmetItUp has already partnered with some of Delhi’s finest gastronomic eateries such as Rara Avis, Ploof, Shiro, Lodi, Guppy By Ai, Diva, Olive, Uzuri and many more.

Mia-Bella's-special-Nazza Messages Image(1684781119) Messages Image(192181380)

Ms Coco Queen Launches S-Bar’s Lunch Experience

GourmetItUp’s Lunch Experience at S Bar was inaugurated by our Guest Blogger, the extremely popular Ms. Coco Queen. Here is her visually stunning blogpost :

Lets give a warm welcome to ‘GourmetItUp’. After 150 special curated menus for 75 restaurants across Mumbai and Pune and many happy stomachs – GourmetItUp launches in Delhi! Yohooo!

So what does GourmetItUp do? GourmetItUp aint just a website where you can pre book a table but its an initiative to create an experience to be remembered for many meals to come. A pre curated, pocket friendly, fine dining experience for foodies who are afraid of either the price point or don’t know which dish to order. The well curated menu is balanced with both popular and more experimental dishes by Deepa Jain.

Shiro, Diva Kitch, Rara Avis, Guppy by Ai, Olive Bistro are already partners with GourmetItUp. The special curated menu is available at all above mentioned restaurants, only when you pre-book a table at GourmetItUp!

I went to S Bar {formally know as Shalom} in GK1, another GourmetItUp partner to have a taste of their 3 Course Lunch Experience.


S-Bar serves Mediterranean food hence the GourmetItUp menu was mediterranean based. The term mediterranean is quite self explanatory, its a cuisine based on foods that have traditionally been consumed by communities situated along the Mediterranean sea. So food from Italy, Greece, Turkey, or an exotic island in the Mediterranean together make the Mediterranean cuisine.

The robust flavours of Mediterranean cuisine are very popular in India and thanks to the initiative taken up by GourmetItUp you don’t have to fly all the way  to experience great quality authentic flavours . Its available at a click of a button.

First come in our choice of appetisers: Fattoush (V), Goat Meat Cheese Tarts (NV) & Cheese Sambosik (V). The appetisers were quite appetising! They certainly were scrumptious yet filled my stomach to be left with a bigger appetite.

The Fattoush is a vegetarian salad from the part of the land that gave us Hummus and Shawarma. Greens and vegetables when mixed with dried, crunchy pita gives us Fattoush. The one served at S-Bar had lemony light dressing, crunchy greens and crispy seasoned pita on top aka a perfect salad to begin with.

DSC_1023cc-copySoon came in the Goat Meat Cheese Tart. Baked to perfection, the pastry was thin and brittle. Cheddar cheese oozing out and goat meat cooked to excellence.

DSC_1026And like one thing leads to another- one cheese lead to another! Before we placed the main course we ordered another appetiser the Cheese Sambosik with paprika ‘sweet’ dip. The first bite was quite salty but with the dip balanced it out well.


The lusty Mediterranean flavours lingered as we waited for our main course- Grilled Fish With Lemon Mustard Sauce, Tangy Lamb Herb Koresh with Cous Cous and Mushroom Ragout.

The grilled fish as accompanied by mashed potato, a half baguette and veggies. The fish was grilled beautifully and the sides especially the potato mash tasted great. Not many get the mash right but they do! The butter oozing out of the home made parsley bread was a site I still salivate on.

700x465xDSC_1057-copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.VB28nbhe1j700x1053xDSC_1054-copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.O4wESbnkulComing to the lamb, it certainly fell a little short on the menu. The curry was good but the meat was undercooked to my preference. Apart from the paring with cous cous there was nothing gourmet about it.

700x513xDSC_1068-copys.jpg.pagespeed.ic.KbF5VoOcIR700x534xDSC_1070-copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.4dhW5vldGdWith forgettable lows comes salvaging ups. For peeps out there who don’t relish mushrooms should try this out. The mushroom ragout {ra-gu} rested like comfort food on my taste buds {i know mushroom and comfort are two words hard to find in a same sentence} but really the soothing white sauce with fresh mushrooms and chopped veggies tasted divine.

700x465xDSC_1076-copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.5ahcr28t8JWith happy bellies we anticipated the desserts. They certainly came as another high point in the entire GourmetItUp experience! Man I still droll over those rich textured, flavourful gigantic scoops of  cinnamon and espresso ice-creams.

700x1058xDSC_1084-copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.PqxlACtPUC 700x1093xDSC_1090-copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.NKnSFRBwEiThe Baklava paired with a scoop of vanilla and sugar crispy tasted great too. It was so fresh and light that I could clearly see the fine layers. I couldn’t believe that all these desserts were prepared at S-Bar itself.

700x465xDSC_1094-copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.2T36hYcMYzThe price point was much lower in comparison to similar set of dishes present in the A la carte, almost like 30%.  And prompt service. All in all the experience was great! I believe the concierges at GourmetItup certainly ensure great quality check and high service levels promised by partner restaurant. A friendly concierge desk that accepts special requests and points in the Gourmet Rewards program! What more can one ask for!!

Hunger bingies click away and book your S-bar lunch experience right away. {Click here to book}

Hope you enjoy this experience as much as I did.

Until next time,

Delhi’s Maia Sethna Launches The Guppy By Ai Experience

GourmetItUp’s Guppy By Ai Experience was inaugurated by our Guest Blogger, the extremely stylish Maia Sethna. Here is her fantastic review:

I had the opportunity to visit Guppy By Ai – another one of AD Singh’s creation’s – for the pre-launching of the GourmetItUp  dining experience in Delhi. My readers (you lucky things) get a special preview of the upcoming experience.


Guppy by AI : My Review

The shabby chic, stand alone, diner lies in close proximity to the up and coming, Meherchand Market. Guppy by Ai is located in Lodhi colony. The unpretentious, easy going Japanese restaurant offers some of the best in the world of contemporary Japanese with favourites like California roles, Miso Cod and Udon noodles in a fuss free environment.

photo2-3The décor is super quirky, with its funky interiors and Japanese animae designs and the food is…..divine!

We started our five course – GourmetItUp, dining experience at Guppy by Ai with Miso soup, served in a traditional ceramic bowl. Now here’s the thing, I LOVE soup , there’s something so comforting about it  and honestly feel likes it’s hard to find a good, authentic Miso soup in Delhi – and I’m happy to report that Guppy’s rendition with fresh tofu, hit the spot!

photo5-2photo6-2Our second course consisted of three dishes from the appetizers section; Asparagus cream cheese roll, Chicken Karaage and California Roll. The Asparagus cream cheese roll was definitely my favourite, as it’s not something that I usually like – but the asparagus was crunchy and the cream cheese complimented it perfectly.

photo4-2We enjoyed the colourful, California Roll and the bite size Chicken Karaage too. FYI – The wasabi had just the right amount of kick, without making your nose and eyes water!

photo8 Next it was time for the main dishes. We were served a delicious veggie dish – Wok Tossed exotic vegetables, which included water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, beans and asparagus glazed with sesame soy, Grilled chicken breast and Tenderloin cube steak – which everyone agreed was their favourite dish of the day!

photo2-2 photo9

The tenderloin was cooked to perfection, and served with a spicy Japanese sesame sauce. Garlic fried rice, steamed rice and Udon noodles were served as accompaniments with the main course. And finally the chef’s selection of dessert was presented; an assortment of petit Japanese dessert, a few colourful, bite sized delights to sweeten your pallet after a favoursome meal.

The overall experience was lovely. The food is fabulous – the ingredients are fresh and the staff is a friendly bunch as well, I think it makes the perfect lunch time spot and a good place to come have a bite a midst a day of shopping or on a dinner date.

For the GourmetItUp experience in Delhi – Click Here

To make a reservation at Guppy:  Click Here

GourmetItUp Has Launched In Delhi


After months spent studying Delhi’s niche fine dining restaurants, countless hours spent curating spectacular menus and polishing our experiences, we officially opened reservations in the Capital last week. And while we’re thrilled to have a new city on board with us, we wanted to take some time out to thank each and every member who has been a part of this fantastic culinary journey.

We now have a herculean task ahead of us. Taking over the food scene in Delhi is not going to be easy but we’re going to strive to comb out and umbrella the popular, the niche and some of the most delectable eateries in and around New Delhi. Currently we have a growing list of restaurant partners and it gets bigger each day. It’s our most exciting line-up yet and we’re very excited to have some of the biggest restaurateurs in Delhi on board with us. Just see for yourself:


Since Reservations are already open, just follow the link to be redirected to the GourmetItUp Delhi Page where we have showcased some of our premier experiences that include Shiro, Diva, Rara Avis, Olive, S-Bar and many many more.

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