GourmetItUp is now WowTables – the fine dining revolution begins

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Fine dining is changing.

In a world of rapidly developing tastes and palates, this is the shining truth. What lies at the heart of this change is the shift in focus – from fancy, expensive surroundings and big names synonymous with luxury – to the crux of any dining experience: the food. Fine dining is now defined by the quality and taste of the gourmet food it serves – those delicately crafted culinary labours of love that tease and appease the tastes of its consumers.

This shift heralds the beginning of a revolution.

One small step for fine dining – one giant leap for diners.

The fine dining industry is expanding in leaps and bounds that would put Neil Armstrong to shame – and it now makes its mark in this, the golden age of culinary experimentation. Chefs are experimenting with their food almost as fast as diners are developing their tastes. Restaurants are finding newer, better, more innovative ways to re-invent their menus to stimulate the evolving tastes of the average diner today. A never-ending list of restaurants, menus and dishes now extends infinitely before diners.

It’s a good time to be a gourmand.

However, there’s a cloud to this silver lining. In a world overflowing with choices – how do you choose?

That’s what we’re here for – to make things easier for you.

Because if fine dining is evolving – so are we.

Thus, we are immensely excited to announce that GourmetItUp is now rebranding to WowTables.

As WowTables, we have evolved into a more powerful presence that extends fine dining opportunities to hitherto uncharted territories. We aim to make this new, far-reaching form of fine dining more convenient and more accessible to you.

What constitutes a WowTable:

  • Exquisite gourmet food
  • Excellent service
  • An overall element of surprise and delight at the close of your fine dining experience

We’d like to ensure that WowTables are everywhere. We are here to clear a path through the clutter of today’s dining scene. We are younger, fresher – and we make fine dining trendier, more accessible and more tailored to YOU.

How, you might ask?

For starters, we’re adding restaurants to our kitty faster than a fat kid adds whipped cream to an ice-cream sundae. We’re bringing you a wider range of cuisines and locations, constantly moving closer and closer to each one of you.

We’re expanding at the speed of light – we’ve made ourselves at home in yet another city and we’re already eyeing our next.

Our newer, shinier, wider range of services cover just about every possible facet of fine dining – from search to discovery to reservations and finally to your exclusively curated experience.

It’s the epicurean equivalent of a hug – all encompassing and making you feel like everything’s going to be alright.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg – we have so much more fine dining love coming your way.

We are ready to lead the fine dining revolution. Will you join us?




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