Introducing Lara.

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We’re working on something exciting and game-changing – and her name is Lara.

To know who Lara is and why she’s going to be an important part of your life, check out this snippet from an article by our founder Kunal Jain below:

I can’t wait for everyone to meet Lara. Before I explain exactly who Lara is (and why I’m talking about her more than I do about my own wife), I’d like to explain how Lara and I met.

It all started when I was asked a fairly standard question by a journalist: what do I love most about WowTables? Like most founders, I found myself torn between various aspects of what we do: from our painstaking curation of menus and our ever-evolving relationship with our partner restaurants to the crux of our business — guiding diners through an overwhelming world of dining choices.

But to be honest, what I personally love the most is the way we get to know our users. Years of personal interaction with our users has helped us build a huge storehouse of knowledge. Knowledge that lets us answer a million asked and unasked questions and gives us a unique insight into the mindset of today’s diner. Nurturing this form of personalised relationship building, however, takes up an exhaustive amount of manpower — something that is just not sustainable in the long run. Which is why my team and I have been working on finding a more long-term solution.

We were cracking our heads over this when I began to grasp that there was something much bigger to accomplish here. Yes, we needed to keep expanding our deep knowledge base and yes, we need to keep honing our skills as a dining guide for our customers. But then I thought: why stop there? With the dining space being as overcrowded as it is — with food tech apps and services around every corner — why not shake things up a bit?

That’s when we started working on one of our most interesting developments yet — one that could very well be a massive game-changer in the dining space.

Meet Lara — an artificial intelligence powered dining guide.

I’m really excited about this. By merging globally emerging artificial intelligence technology with the deep user and restaurant data that we have access to, Lara cuts down the manpower required to nurture our user relationship while continuing to evolve our user knowledge database. To put it simply: she absorbs user data (where you like to eat, your favourite food, where you’ve eaten before, where and what your friends are eating, what dietary restrictions do you have, etc) and makes sure your dining plans are taken care of — from recommending restaurants and food to making reservations for you.

The leap to artificial intelligence technology is a big one — one that might take some time to fully implement. But we’re moving fast. Lara is already live right now. To start with, we’re using a simple predictive algorithm based on user data that provides customised dining recommendations to users.

This is how Lara looks right now:

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But like I said before, this is just the first step. We are working with AI tech companies to transform Lara into an omnipresent, multi-platform artificial intelligence concierge — one that has real-time conversations with users, builds ever-evolving user profiles, and makes and confirms restaurant reservations.

The beauty of Lara lies in her astonishing simplicity in understanding complexities. As she gets to know her users better, she hones and improves the accuracy of her offered solutions. Think of an almost living, breathing, constantly evolving system — one that grows in intelligence the more you interact with her. So simple. So astounding.

The possibilities from a move like this are boundless.

For one, we intend to integrate Lara with communication giants like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Google – which might even render website or app-driven businesses obsolete.

Picture this: for whatever reason (birthday/anniversary/forgot your anniversary but can’t let her find out) you’re looking for a nice meal at a nice restaurant. Instead of browsing through a tiresome amount of sites and apps and portals, all you need to do is have one simple conversation with Lara (she knows what you like) — and voila. Restaurant picked, table booked, ready and waiting.

Exciting times lie ahead.

As you can see, we’ve already got a functional form of Lara live on our web and app assets — and we’re knee-deep in the AI development stage of the process. It’s been fascinating to nurture and grow living technology like this.

What’s next? I can’t wait to find out.

Couldn’t have said it any better. Stay tuned to our series on Lara, right here.

UPDATE: Lara’s talking! Read about step 2 in the Lara journey here.

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