Gourmand Of The Week – Dushinka Malhotra

Dushinka Malhotra

Every week we at GourmetItUp feature a Gourmand Of The Week and ask them questions about eating out in their city, how they use GourmetItUp and other fun stuff. This week we have Dushinka Malhotra, Business Development and occupational hogger at GourmetItUp.

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How and when did you discover GourmetItUp?

My discovery of GourmetItUp happened when Deepa called me. It’s been a great association ever since.

Which is your favourite GourmetItUp experience? Why?

As much as I enjoyed the Hakkasan experience, I’d have to say Salt Water Café, purely for the awesome memories of the night and the semi drunkenness from all the sangria!

What cuisines do you prefer? What’s the craziest food you’ve ever eaten?

Barring the rare Indian food cravings (my VERY Punjabi mom’s rajma chawal), what don’t I prefer! Give me Mexican, Japanese, Italian any day!

Craziest food would be the spider I accidentally ate in my preteens. Trust me when I say I bellowed my lungs out.

Tell us your pet peeves about dining out in Mumbai.

Being a vegetarian, I’m almost always skeptical of the “veg-ness” of my meal, especially after certain incidents at Subway and an Indian food place. Oh, and my father conning me into eating a Chicken Cheese Kiev.

Who’s your favourite celebrity chef?

There are two things yum about Arola at JW Marriott: delicious patatas bravas and the delectable Chef Manuel Oliviera whom I met at the GourmetItUp Masterclass at Arola. *blush* Other than him, Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumental. *sigh*

If you were stuck on an island and could only eat one dish for the rest of your life (or until you are rescued :P), which dish would it be and from which restaurant?

My mom’s rajma chawal!! But if it HAD to be from a restaurant, it would probably be the Lebanese Salad from Paninaro if I’m being healthy or the Penne Porcini Cream at Café Mangii/ Le Mangii. But let’s face it; it’s probably going to be the creamy cheesy pasta.

What is your favourite midnight snack?

I’m a junk food kinda person. I pretend like tortilla chips and grilled cheese sandwiches are healthy. Don’t break my bubble.

Where was your first date?

Shatraj Napoli in Versova. College pocket money budget and secret sneaking out without telling parents. : )

If you could be the chef for a day at any restaurant, which one would you choose?

Oh, Indigo! Those mouth watering dishes and the fantastic presentations. On second thought, the customers might not be served the food. *slurp*

Create your own ice cream scoop with any ingredients.

Ooooh! It would be plain vanilla with brownies and gummy bears and chocolate chips and snickers and waffle wafers… you get the drift?

What are your plans for this weekend?

Let’s see, wine tasting at LPQ (yes, thank you GourmetItUp for improving my social calendar), binge drinking at Mondegar or The Big Bang, attempted jet setting off to Delhi for the day, Sunday brunch. Hopefully baking a mushroom quiche and chocolate fudge cake.

Now that you are a minor internet celebrity (you will be after this article is published), what advice would you give to your foodie fans?

Live and let eat, people! I love cheese, and I’m not afraid to eat it!

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