A day to remember

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Gourmet Day was a resounding success.

April 17th was a day that will go down in fine dining history.

It was the day we kick-started the fine dining revolution.

In celebration of our new name and our new mission – to change the face of fine dining – we created a very special day for all you food lovers; a day on which we gave away a 100 complimentary WowTables at restaurants across the country – all on the same day, at the same time.

Participants had to pick their restaurant of choice, share their choice across social media – and were instantly in the running for a seat at the biggest event in fine dining history.

We were excited…


Screenshot 1Screenshot 3

… and so were you!

Screenshot 2 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 7 Screenshot 11 Really excited.

Screenshot 9Really, really excited.

Screenshot 12We feel you, buddy.

April 17th dawned, bright and quivering with anticipation.

Screenshot 4

We were counting down to the crucial hour…

Screenshot 5…but we were unprepared for the explosion of sheer culinary enthusiasm that followed.

It was glorious.

Here are a few snippets (just the tip of the iceberg!) from the night:

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 7 Screenshot 10 Screenshot 11 Screenshot 12 Screenshot 13 Screenshot 14

This was just the beginning. We are here to break new ground, set new benchmarks and achieve bigger milestones in this #finediningrevolution that we have begun.

Are you going to be with us on this journey?

The dawn of a new era

sun-209495_1920The face of fine dining is rapidly changing.

Restaurants are no longer focussed on fancy surroundings or extravagant prices. Today’s fine dine establishments are all about expanding their bases, re-inventing their image, innovating their menus – all to nurture the evolving tastes of today’s diner. They are cutting away the frills and getting down to the gleaming heart of the matter: exquisite, painstakingly created gourmet food.

Serious food lovers agree that this shift to a more relaxed, trendier form of fine dining is much-needed – and is happening before their eyes.

“Luxury, fine-dining experiences don’t always have to be a stuffy, snobby affair. You don’t have to put on a suit and bow tie, and you certainly don’t have to speak to each other in hushed whispers while eating!”
says Delhi-based blogger and model Maia Sethna.


This, however, has been the prevalent perception of fine dining on the whole.

DSC04437_1Naveen Suresh, a prominent blogger from Bangalore elaborates: “First timers definitely shy [away from fine dining] because of [formal] table etiquettes [and] dress code[s].”

This view has held back many a gourmand from satisfying his/her epicurean cravings.

A change in perception has been a long time coming.


Popular Bangalore food blogger Rumana Nazarali agrees.  “It is time to change the way we think about fine dining in India,” she says. “Fine dining is rapidly growing in cities and becoming more accessible to food lovers.”

The growing accessibility of fine dining has been a happy transition for food lovers everywhere. Extravagant prices have been a deterring factor for many gourmands. “The price factor does come into play and as a young person, you might not want to spend all that much,” says Maia. With the focus shifting to the quality of food rather than the fancy surroundings it is served in, this concern has been significantly alleviated.

IMG-20141027-WA0004Chef and food-lover duo Dinesh and Kritika – a.k.a. Bombay Foodies – have noticed a positive change in restaurant behaviour, noting that “restaurants are now focusing on their customers.” They greatly appreciate the nuances of this transformation in the personality of fine dining – one of them being the increased approachability in the staff of fine dining establishments. “Being foodies or even food critics, does not always mean we know it all”, they say. “No matter how fancy or casual the place is, if it wasn’t for the friendly staff, who are eager to educate and fondly talk about the food they serve, to their customers, we wouldn’t have known a thing.”

Yes, fine dining is definitely changing.

And so are we.


Find out why.

Our change to WowTables marks the dawn of a new era – an era where this far-reaching, more accessible form of fine dining is poised to take the food industry by storm. In the midst of everyone’s rush for gastronomical glory, WowTables is here to be a beacon of light for diners struggling to keep up with an industry evolving faster than a speeding bullet.

“WowTables helps you in this journey with an exclusive online fine-dining experience platform that includes search, discovery, reservations and curated experiences, making fine dining more accessible to the discerning diner,” says Rumana. “What more does a food lover need?”

Maia says, “The top qualities I look for when dining at a nice restaurant include: great ambience, hospitable service, innovative, delicious food and exciting cocktails!”

WowTables is here to ensure that you get this. We want diners everywhere to experience a trendier, more accessible form of fine dining – and we’re bringing this form of fine dining to you.

Let’s make this fine dining revolution count.

Click here to know more about the WowTables story.

GourmetItUp is now WowTables – the fine dining revolution begins

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Fine dining is changing.

In a world of rapidly developing tastes and palates, this is the shining truth. What lies at the heart of this change is the shift in focus – from fancy, expensive surroundings and big names synonymous with luxury – to the crux of any dining experience: the food. Fine dining is now defined by the quality and taste of the gourmet food it serves – those delicately crafted culinary labours of love that tease and appease the tastes of its consumers.

This shift heralds the beginning of a revolution.

One small step for fine dining – one giant leap for diners.

The fine dining industry is expanding in leaps and bounds that would put Neil Armstrong to shame – and it now makes its mark in this, the golden age of culinary experimentation. Chefs are experimenting with their food almost as fast as diners are developing their tastes. Restaurants are finding newer, better, more innovative ways to re-invent their menus to stimulate the evolving tastes of the average diner today. A never-ending list of restaurants, menus and dishes now extends infinitely before diners.

It’s a good time to be a gourmand.

However, there’s a cloud to this silver lining. In a world overflowing with choices – how do you choose?

That’s what we’re here for – to make things easier for you.

Because if fine dining is evolving – so are we.

Thus, we are immensely excited to announce that GourmetItUp is now rebranding to WowTables.

As WowTables, we have evolved into a more powerful presence that extends fine dining opportunities to hitherto uncharted territories. We aim to make this new, far-reaching form of fine dining more convenient and more accessible to you.

What constitutes a WowTable:

  • Exquisite gourmet food
  • Excellent service
  • An overall element of surprise and delight at the close of your fine dining experience

We’d like to ensure that WowTables are everywhere. We are here to clear a path through the clutter of today’s dining scene. We are younger, fresher – and we make fine dining trendier, more accessible and more tailored to YOU.

How, you might ask?

For starters, we’re adding restaurants to our kitty faster than a fat kid adds whipped cream to an ice-cream sundae. We’re bringing you a wider range of cuisines and locations, constantly moving closer and closer to each one of you.

We’re expanding at the speed of light – we’ve made ourselves at home in yet another city and we’re already eyeing our next.

Our newer, shinier, wider range of services cover just about every possible facet of fine dining – from search to discovery to reservations and finally to your exclusively curated experience.

It’s the epicurean equivalent of a hug – all encompassing and making you feel like everything’s going to be alright.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg – we have so much more fine dining love coming your way.

We are ready to lead the fine dining revolution. Will you join us?




The winds of change…

Wind turbine at sunset backgroundThere’s a revolution brewing in the world of fine dining.

When the term ‘fine dining’ is mentioned, most people conjure an image of a stuffy, rigid environment, one where diners cower in misery as snooty waiters shoot judgmental glances at their every move.

We can’t blame them – who can keep up with which fork goes with what, which casual pair of shoes will bar your entrance, what social faux pas will leave you mortified?

This appears to be the face of fine dining today. It’s a stern, imperious, imposing face – one that scares away many potential patrons of gourmet food. There are chefs lovingly putting the final touches on painstakingly created dishes – dishes that, because of these impressions of fine dining, will never reach the eager palate of the ardent connoisseur.

It’s an aching shame.

Recognizing this gaping hole in the fine dining space, diners, chefs, restaurants everywhere are crying out for a change – a change in the perception of fine dining.

Because the truth – the shining, glorious, messiah-like truth – is that fine dining is no longer what you think it is. Fine dining is donning a new face – one that promises a fun, relaxed atmosphere, where exquisite food and the pleasure of your company is all that matters. Fine dining is becoming trendier, more accessible, more tailored to YOU.

It’s an established fact that GourmetItUp and fine dining are intrinsically interconnected. The destiny of one is intertwined with the other.

Therefore, as fine dining changes, so do we. So stay tuned, dear reader. GourmetItUp and the world of fine dining are about to undergo a massive transformation – very, very soon.

The winds of change are blowing… can you smell the brewing of a revolution?

The many faces of fine dining

“Let’s go out for dinner.”

“Ooh, yes! Some place nice.”

“Really? We’ll have to dress up, spend a bomb, etc.”

“Ugh, that’s true. Who needs the hassle? We’ll go for my birthday next week. Let’s go grab a burger at (insert any fast food chain name).”

This is one of many conversations between diners today. When deciding to soothe their gastronomical rumblings, one instinctively recoils from the idea of doing something as ‘fancy’ as fine dining on a regular night.

Let’s take 5 common personifications of the discerning diner today:

1) The curious couple

2) The successful businessman

3) The young working professional

4) The eager traveller

5) The dining family

Now let’s examine the various notions of fine dining commonly expressed by these, our happy diners.



1) It’s too fancy for the curious couple: The term “fine dining” sometimes gives you pause when mulling over your options for a fun, relaxed afternoon/night out. “Why opt for a fancy meal?” you think, “It’s not even a special occasion!” People always seem to need a bigger, brighter, shinier reason other than the pangs gnawing at their insides.


2) Too stressful for the successful businessman: One imagines the ambience of an elegant dining establishment to be peppered with “rules and regulations” of the fine dining space. The imagined pressure of ‘sitting properly’ ‘eating properly’ ‘dressing properly’ – it can be a bit daunting, to say the least. Who wants to stress about the proper posture after a long, hard day at the office?

Working professional
3) Too expensive for the young working professional: We’ve all heard the expression: “I’ll have to wash dishes in the kitchen to afford that place!” Diners are wary of the proverbial hole about to be burned in their pockets thanks to an expensive dinner. No one likes spending an arm and a leg on a meal; another common complaint about fine dining.


4) Tiny portions – a let down for the eager traveller: It is widely believed that the fancier the place, the smaller the food portion. Several diners consider fine dining to be associated with tiny amounts of overpriced food that will leave them scraping the plate to get their money’s worth. A definite downer.


5) Too many rules for the dining family: It’s no fun being constantly hushed, reprimanded and harassed into a deathly silent, stiff dinner when out with family. Eating out is supposed to be a treat – not a punishment.

These are just a few of the wide and varied impressions of fine dining as it stands today.

The question is – are these impressions valid? Is this really what fine dining is all about?

To know our answer to that question, keep watching this space…

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