Spreading the Fine Dine Love

We’re sure you’ve figured out by now that we leave no plate unturned in our quest to satisfy the gourmet in you. Recently, we wondered: why draw the line at exclusively curated dining experiences and a la carte reservations? Why not spread to our diners this uncontrollable enthusiasm that we have for all things gourmet?

It’s this urge to share the love that has led to the launch of our brand new e-magazine:

FDL header

We’re constantly working on bringing more and more fine dining options to your palate – so we thought we’d accompany it with some food for thought in the digital pages of what could soon become your one-stop shop for everything in the world of fine dining.

Here’s a snippet of what awaits you:

Fine Dine Love - All things gourmet..clipular

Fine Dine Love - All things gourmet..clipular (1)

Know more. 

Through FDL, we’re offering to be your guide as you weave your way through the many wonders of fine dining. Be it food trends, top restaurants in your city, recipes from our kitchens or what’s new in the world of cheese – we’ve got it all covered, right here.

We’re so excited about sharing this all-inclusive gourmet encyclopedia with you that we’re giving you a Rs. 500 WowTables Gift Card for those of you that sign up for the FDL newsletter. Yes, really.

Have we wooed you enough? Start reading!

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