The dawn of a new era

sun-209495_1920The face of fine dining is rapidly changing.

Restaurants are no longer focussed on fancy surroundings or extravagant prices. Today’s fine dine establishments are all about expanding their bases, re-inventing their image, innovating their menus – all to nurture the evolving tastes of today’s diner. They are cutting away the frills and getting down to the gleaming heart of the matter: exquisite, painstakingly created gourmet food.

Serious food lovers agree that this shift to a more relaxed, trendier form of fine dining is much-needed – and is happening before their eyes.

“Luxury, fine-dining experiences don’t always have to be a stuffy, snobby affair. You don’t have to put on a suit and bow tie, and you certainly don’t have to speak to each other in hushed whispers while eating!”
says Delhi-based blogger and model Maia Sethna.


This, however, has been the prevalent perception of fine dining on the whole.

DSC04437_1Naveen Suresh, a prominent blogger from Bangalore elaborates: “First timers definitely shy [away from fine dining] because of [formal] table etiquettes [and] dress code[s].”

This view has held back many a gourmand from satisfying his/her epicurean cravings.

A change in perception has been a long time coming.


Popular Bangalore food blogger Rumana Nazarali agrees.  “It is time to change the way we think about fine dining in India,” she says. “Fine dining is rapidly growing in cities and becoming more accessible to food lovers.”

The growing accessibility of fine dining has been a happy transition for food lovers everywhere. Extravagant prices have been a deterring factor for many gourmands. “The price factor does come into play and as a young person, you might not want to spend all that much,” says Maia. With the focus shifting to the quality of food rather than the fancy surroundings it is served in, this concern has been significantly alleviated.

IMG-20141027-WA0004Chef and food-lover duo Dinesh and Kritika – a.k.a. Bombay Foodies – have noticed a positive change in restaurant behaviour, noting that “restaurants are now focusing on their customers.” They greatly appreciate the nuances of this transformation in the personality of fine dining – one of them being the increased approachability in the staff of fine dining establishments. “Being foodies or even food critics, does not always mean we know it all”, they say. “No matter how fancy or casual the place is, if it wasn’t for the friendly staff, who are eager to educate and fondly talk about the food they serve, to their customers, we wouldn’t have known a thing.”

Yes, fine dining is definitely changing.

And so are we.


Find out why.

Our change to WowTables marks the dawn of a new era – an era where this far-reaching, more accessible form of fine dining is poised to take the food industry by storm. In the midst of everyone’s rush for gastronomical glory, WowTables is here to be a beacon of light for diners struggling to keep up with an industry evolving faster than a speeding bullet.

“WowTables helps you in this journey with an exclusive online fine-dining experience platform that includes search, discovery, reservations and curated experiences, making fine dining more accessible to the discerning diner,” says Rumana. “What more does a food lover need?”

Maia says, “The top qualities I look for when dining at a nice restaurant include: great ambience, hospitable service, innovative, delicious food and exciting cocktails!”

WowTables is here to ensure that you get this. We want diners everywhere to experience a trendier, more accessible form of fine dining – and we’re bringing this form of fine dining to you.

Let’s make this fine dining revolution count.

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