The new face of fine dining

After the explosive success of Gourmet Day, we are ready to take the next step in our mission to change the face of fine dining.

But first, let’s take a look at what we’ve accomplished so far.

It’s been a while since we’ve checked on the progress of our 5 not-so-happy diners. Let’s see how they’ve been doing ever since we kicked off the #FineDiningRevolution.

We take a look at the evolution in the dining experiences of:

1) The successful businessman

businessman - before afterA night out at a fine dining restaurant doesn’t have to be a rigid, formal affair that has you shaking in your boots at the very thought of it. It took an event as momentous as Gourmet Day to make the successful businessman realise how relaxed, how fun a dinner out can be, how fine dining gives you the chance to loosen your tie, roll up your sleeves and let your hair down.

2) The curious couple

couple - before afterEver since Gourmet Day, no one could be more delighted with the eye-opening revelations about the face of fine dining than the curious couple. We showed them the truth – fine dining is not just limited to special occasions. The 2 eager diners have never felt more welcome, less intimidated and more significant than they now feel on their nights out at a fine dine establishment.

3) The young working professional

workprofessional - before afterThe WowTables fine dining revolution has revealed that fine dining has become infinitely more affordable than  it used to be – hence becoming an increasingly accessible dining option for the young working professional. Order another round – it’s on him.

4) The eager traveller

traveller - before afterGone are the days of tiny, pretentious portions – thanks to Gourmet Day, the eager traveller now looks forward just as eagerly to his hearty, filling meals at a fine dining restaurant as he does to his travels.

5) The dining family

family - before afterThe advent of Gourmet Day brought to light the fact that fine dining restaurants have become increasingly family-friendly – opening the door to new and exciting culinary possibilities for the dining family, the newest recruits to our fine dining revolution!

The revolution continues… Stay hungry and stay tuned.

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